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Ian Livingstone

Designer:Ian Livingstone
Biography:1949 born
                    study of economy and marketing at Polytechnic Menchester
1975 foundation of "Games Workshop" with Steve Jackson
1975 edition of magazine "Owl & Weasel"
1975 general agent for "Dungeons & Dragons" in Europe
1977 sale of Citadel figures
1977 edition of the fantasy magazine "White Dwarf"
1979 the sale of "D&D" is taken over by TSR
1982 edition of the game playing book "Warlock on Firetop Mountain"
1990 foundation of Livingstone-Games
1990 world champion in the sailboat class "Ultra-30"

Published games

Ali Baba1993AbacusspieleIan LivingstoneBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), ER (EN), Spielphase (DE) 05.02.07Out of print
Automania1991Livingstone GamesIan LivingstoneBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), ER (EN), ER (EN), Spielphase (DE) 08.01.16Out of print
Battlebikes1984Games WorkshopIan Livingstone
Albie Fiore
Gary Chalk
Board BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN) 10.01.07 
Battlecars1983Games WorkshopIan Livingstone
Gary Chalk
Board BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN) 10.01.07Out of print
Boom Town1990Livingstone GamesIan LivingstoneBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), ER (EN), GoodGameGuide (DE), WestparkGamers (DE) 28.05.07 
Das Labyrinth des Todes1985ThienemannIan LivingstoneBookFantasie Abenteuer Spielbuch  10.04.08Out of print
Deathtrap Dungeon: Card Game1998EIDOS InteractiveIan Livingstone
Martin McKenna
Board BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN) 10.01.07 
Die Insel des Echsenkönigs1986ThienemannIan LivingstoneBookFantasie Abenteuer Spielbuch  10.04.08Out of print
Die Legende des Sagor1993Parker BrothersIan LivingstoneBoard Spielphase (DE)DM 8016.08.07 
Dragon Masters1992Games WorkshopIan LivingstoneBoard EFUN (EN) 10.01.07 
Dragonmasters Games WorkshopIan LivingstoneBoard   10.01.07 
Judge Dredd1982Games WorkshopIan LivingstoneBoard   10.01.07 
Owl & Weasel Games WorkshopIan Livingstone
Steve Jackson (UK)
Magazine   11.01.07 
White Dwarf Games WorkshopIan LivingstoneMagazine   10.01.07 

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