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Claude Soucie

Designer:Claude Soucie
Award Winning Games:Auswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year)Loa (1988)
Biography:Claude Soucie was born in Canada and moved to the USA when he was a small
child. As a child of the Great Depression, he began inventing games to
entertain his siblings and young friends. He read voraciously and had many

While in grammar school he met Anne. Anne and Claude were married in 1948
and became parents of seven children. The children became game testers for
Claude. Often, a child who was far ahead in a game would be disappointed
when dad immediately stopped the game to make design changes. Watch (1979)
and Quick (1992) were products of these play sessions.

In 1964 Claude himself published his first game, Big Funeral, which,
because of its sensitive subject matter, was not published by a game
company until 25 years later when Hexagames, a year after they published
Lines of Action, published it in 1989 as Schickeria.

Claude Soucie had an interest in comedy that is made evident by the
titles of his games. Some of his unpublished games were called Knife Your
Buddy, Split Personality, and Swindle.

In 1949, Claude read an article about Sid Sackson in Esquire Magazine. It
took Claude two years, but he courageously phoned Sid Sackson in 1951.
That phone call started a long friendship between the Sackson and Soucie
families whose high point came when Sid Sackson's son married Claude
Soucie's oldest daughter .

Claude Soucie died on November 18, 1996.
Many Thanks for this Biographie written by Anne Soucie

"Loa" was on the selection list of "Spiel des Jahres" in 1988

Published games

Big Funeral  Claude SoucieBoard   10.01.07 
Knife Your Buddy  Claude SoucieBoard   10.01.07 
Lines of Action
 AbacusspieleClaude SoucieBoard Faidutti (EN,FR), Hiespielchen (DE), Wikipedia-INFO (DE)EUR 33.0010.01.07 
Lines of Action
1988Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesClaude SoucieBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN), Faidutti (EN,FR), Hiespielchen (DE), JurySdJ (DE), REVIEW (EN), Spielphase (DE), Wikipedia-INFO (DE) 26.03.08Out of print
Loa Exklusiv
Lines of Action
 Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesClaude SoucieBoard Faidutti (EN,FR), Hiespielchen (DE), REVIEW (EN), Wikipedia-INFO (DE) 10.01.07 
Neue Spiele auf altem Brett: LOA
Lines of Action
1982spielboxClaude SoucieBoardSpielboxHiespielchen (DE), REVIEW (EN), Wikipedia-INFO (DE) 10.01.07 
Quick1992AbacusspieleClaude SoucieBoard ER (EN) 10.01.07 
Schickeria1989Hexagames / TST-EnterprisesClaude SoucieBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN), Spielphase (DE) 10.01.07 
Split Personality  Claude SoucieBoard   09.01.07 
Watch1979MPH Games CompanyClaude SoucieBoard   10.01.07 

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