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Johannes Tranelis

Designer:Johannes Tranelis
Award Winning Games:
SauerbaumAuswahlliste 'Spiel des Jahres' (Selection List for Game of the Year) (1987)
Spiel des Jahres: Sonderpreis 'Kooperatives Familienspiel' (Special Award: Cooperative Family Game) (1988)
Biography:1945 born
1952-1965 school education in Detmold
1966 army
1967-1973 book merchant in Berlin
1975-1978 ceramical forming in Höhr-Grenzhausen
1980 cheese analytical at Memmingen
1980 tile maker in Kronburg
1981-1983 ceramist and game creator in Kardorf
1984- ceramist
1986 merriage with Helga Hase
1987 birth of son Anton
1988 special price "Das kkoperative Spiel" for "Sauerbaum"

Published games

Alapo1982Edition PerlhuhnJohannes TranelisBoard   09.01.07 
Alonso oder Es lebe das Gute  Johannes TranelisBoard   17.03.08 
Bananas1996GoldsieberJohannes TranelisBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), DB (DE), EFUN-ORDER (EN), PA, Spielphase (DE) 11.01.07Out of print
Halo1983 Johannes TranelisBoard   10.01.07 
Sauerbaum1997ZochJohannes TranelisBoard DB (DE), JurySdJ (DE), Wikipedia-INFO (DE)DM 89.5010.01.07 
Sauerbaum1988Herder VerlagJohannes TranelisBoard JurySdJ (DE), JurySdJ (DE), Wikipedia-INFO (DE) 14.11.07Out of print
Sauerbaum1986Johannes TranelisJohannes TranelisBoard JurySdJ (DE), JurySdJ (DE), Wikipedia-INFO (DE) 15.11.07 
Schleckermaul1995HabaJohannes TranelisBoard DB (DE) 10.01.07 
Zopp1985Johannes TranelisJohannes TranelisBoard   09.01.07 

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