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Year:Essen 2002Picture of 'StreetSoccer'
Designer:Corné van Moorsel
Art:Christof Tisch
Publisher name:Cwali
Price:EUR 18.00
No. of players:2
Age:10 years and up
Duration:25 minutes
German reviews:DHK, H@LL9000, ReichDerSpiele, Spielbox, Spielbox, Spieletest, Spielphase
English reviews:E2P, EFUN
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Press info:*StreetSoccer* (Dutch: "Straatvoetbal") is the name in the Netherlands for how soccer is played in parks or squares in cities and villages. The players in the field wear the names and numbers of their idols. In this game 2 StreetSoccer teams play a 25 minute match (until dinnertime). *StreetSoccer* has short rules, is very easy, has much luck but is very challenging to make your chances as high as possible. It's fun, exciting and it really brings the theme alive.
Contents:1 Spielbrett
10 Spielfiguren
2 Zählsteine
1 Ball
1 Würfel
1 Zeitmarker
Picture of 'StreetSoccer'
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