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Ricochet Robot

Designer:Alex Randolph
Publisher name:Rio Grande Games
Article number:#122
Price:US$ 24.95
No. of players:1-
Age:10 years and up
Duration:¾ to 1 hour
German reviews:Abspiel, DHK, DLZ, Spieletest, Spielphase
English reviews:E2P, EFUN
Information:Spielbox (DE)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:Rasende Roboter (1999); Hans im Glück; Alex Randolph
Similar games:Corona (1974); Ravensburger; Alex Randolph
Moonstar (1981); Avalon Hill; Alex Randolph
Die verbotene Stadt (1992); Ravensburger; Johann Rüttinger,Alex Randolph
Orbit (1993); Franckh; Alex Randolph
Harun; Edition Perlhuhn
Press info:Four robots move on the floor of a warehouse. As they have no brakes, they rely on obstacles such as walls and other robots to stop. Once stopped, they can turn left or right and move again. On each turn, a target is chosen and the players search for the route with the fewest moves to the target. The player who finds the most efficient route receives the chip as a reward. When the chips have been all taken, the player with the most is the winner! Any number may play this game, making it a great party game.
Contents:4 Spielbretter
  1 Halterung
  4 Spielfiguren
  4 Roboter-Plättchen
  17 Chips
  1 Sanduhr
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