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The Great War at Sea II - The North and Baltic Seas

Publisher name:Avalanche Press
Series:Great War at Sea
Price:US$ 74.95
English reviews:EZ, EZ
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Press info:The Great War at Sea, Volume 2, is a Operational and Tactical level game of World War I Naval operations in the North and Baltic Sea. Every ship that fought in those seas for England, Germany, Russia, Sweden, and France is provided along with some U.S., Japanese, and Brazillian units. Single ship counters for BB's, BC's, CA's and many CL's. DD's are portrayed in two, three, and four ship squadrons. Even early naval aviation is included with biplanes and Zeppelins!
Contents:670 Counters
One 18x22 inch strategic map
New 25x25 inch tactical map
Scenario book with 50+ scenarios
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