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Year:Nürnberg 1998
Designer:Dirk Henn
Publisher name:Queen Games
Status:Out of print
Price:DM 42.50
No. of players:3-6
Age:10 years and up
Duration:1 hour
Awards:Ó la carte: card game award of the Fairplay magazine, Rank: 8 (1998)
German reviews:DTN, DTN, GamesWePlay, MisterX, Spielbox, Spielbox, Spielphase
English reviews:EFUN, ER
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Predecessors:Al Capone (1992); db-Spiele; Dirk Henn,Barbara Weber
Successors:Der Palast von Alhambra (2003); Queen Games; Dirk Henn
Alhambra Troisdorf (2005); Queen Games; Dirk Henn
Contents:1 Spielplan
  110 Geldkarten
  54 Aktienanteile
  4 ▄bersichts-Karten
  6 Markierungschips
Last modified:17.05.07

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