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Year:Essen 1997Picture of 'Arabana-Ikibiti'
Designer:GŁnter Cornett
Publisher name:Bambus Spieleverlag
Status:Out of print
Price:DM 27
No. of players:2
Age:8 years and up
Duration:½ hour to 40 minutes
German reviews:JurySdJ, Spielphase
English reviews:E2P, EBG, ES
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Homepages:Homepage (DE), Homepage (EN)
Translations:Arabana-Ikibiti (1998); Funagain Games; GŁnter Cornett
Successors:Kahuna (1998); Kosmos; GŁnter Cornett
Similar games:Arabana-Opodopo (2002); Bambus Spieleverlag; GŁnter Cornett
Kanaloa (2003); Tilsit Editions; GŁnter Cornett
Press info:A world of islands for two.
You need more tactics than luck to get the superiority in that archipelago: Play your cards - place your bridges - control your opponent's islands.
Contents:1 game board depicting twelve islands

50 bridges (25 bridges per color)
20 island stones (10 stones per color)
24 island cards (2 cards per island)
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