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Axis & Allies

Year:1984Picture of 'Axis & Allies'
Designer:Lawrence H. Harris
Publisher name:MB
Status:Out of print
Series:MB Gamemaster Series
Price:EUR 78.00
No. of players:2-5
Age:12 years and up
Duration:6 hours and more
Setting:WW II
German reviews:DBAR, DHK, SpielMitMir
English reviews:EFUN, ER, EZ, EZ, Faidutti, G@mebox
French reviews:Faidutti
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Predecessors:Axis & Allies (1981); Nova Game Designs; Lawrence H. Harris
Comment:maintheme:War majortheme:WWII
Box text:The Year is 1942. The Axis War Machine appears invincible. The Balkans have fallen. Pearl Habour has been attacked. Wake Island is in japanese hands. And Rommel has the British on the run in North Africa. At this explosive Time in History, Axis & Allies challenged you and your opponents to decide the outcome of world war 2. As one of the world powers battling for supremacy in 1942, you must spearhead your country's military drive.

During play you'll discover that the theaters of war remain the same and the familiar embattled frontiers still exist, but astonishing events will occur. The Battle of Midway could be lost by the United States - The Russians might not stand at Stalingrad - McArthur may never return to the Phillipines - And the Normandy Invasion could happen again and again.

If you're a brilliant military strategist, a prudent economist and an astute politician, you'll lead your nation to victory.
Contents:1 extra-large gameboard
299 combat force playing pieces
    - 50 tanks
    - 75 infantry
    - 15 bombers
    - 50 fighter planes
    - 10 aircraft carriers
    - 30 transport ships
    - 30 submarines
    - 15 battle ships
    - 12 anti aircraft guns
    - 12 industrial complexes
production certificates
1 32-page instruction booklet
7 charts
control markers
12 dice
6 plastic game trace
plastic chips
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