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Year:Nürnberg 2012Picture of 'Edo'
Designer:Stefan Malz
Louis Malz
Art:Claus Stephan
Marko Fiedler
Publisher name:Queen Games
Status:In print
Price:EUR 45.00
No. of players:2-4
Age:12 years and up
Duration:1 hour
German reviews:DCLIQ, H@LL9000, Pöppelkiste, SpieLama, SpielMitMir, WestparkGamers
Box text:Japan (日本) in the Edo period, 1603–1868.

Tokugawa Iesayu (徳川 家康), the first Shogun of the Tokugawa family, declares the insignificant fishing port Edo to be his seat of government, making it the most important town in Japan soon – Tokyo. All feudal lords, the Daimyos, are under obligation to maintain a regular residence in Edo, where parts of their family have to live.

Each player represents a Daimyo and tries to increase his influence in the region around Edo by building houses, trading posts, and fortresses, by enlisting officials of the Shogun, and by trading with tra­veling merchants.

Goal of the game is to achieve the most power. The game features a minimum luck element and is almost completely determined by the players' chosen actions and their interaction.
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