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GridIron Master

Year:2007Picture of 'GridIron Master'
Designer:Paul Morin
Brett Proud
Craig Proud
Jordan Sampson
Publisher name:PHI<>Proud International Games
No. of players:2
Duration:2 hours
Homepages:Homepage (EN,FR)
Contents:- One exact-to-scale football field that serves as the playing Board
- Two Player Benches (one each for Home and Visitors teams)
- Two Sets of 20 Player Pieces (for the Home and Visitors teams) each consisting of:
    - 5 Offensive Linemen
    - 4 Defensive Linemen
    - 3 Tight Ends / Outside Linebackers
    - 6 Wide Receivers / Defensive Backs
    - 1 Slotback / Safety
    - 1 Quarterback / Middle Linebacker
- Four Flat-piece Footballs
- Four Football-shaped Dice
- Two Dice Sheets- Sample Offensive and Defensive Formations
- One Football-shaped Coin
- One GridIron Master™ Scoreboard
- One GridIron Master™ Game Guide
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