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Deus Vult!

Year:2005Picture of 'Deus Vult!'
Designer:Giacomo Sottocasa
Sergio Giovannini
Publisher name:Rose & Poison
Status:In print
No. of players:2
Duration:½ hour
German reviews:GoodGameGuide
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN), Spielepizza (DE,IT)
Comment:Das Spielziel ist sehr einfach: Die Kontrolle über Jerusalem zu behalten oder erhalten (abhängig von der gewählten Seite).
Press info:August 15th 1096 - the Firts Cusade begins at the cry of "Deus Vult!". As a Saracen or as a Crusader your goal is the Holy City. Conquer the gates of jerusalem or send back the infidels. Deus Vult! is a boardgame for two players wich combines strategy with surprise effect of the cards.
Contents:55 cards
40 pawns
2 dice
game board
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