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7 Ages

Year:Essen 2004
Designer:Harry Rowland
Publisher name:Australian Design Group
Status:In print
Price:US$ 70
No. of players:2-7
Age:7 years and up
Duration:4¼ hours
Awards:Gamers Choice Awards: Historical Simulation Nominees (2005)
German reviews:SpielMitMir, Spieletest
English reviews:WestparkGamers
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Rules:RULES (EN)
Predecessors:7 Ages (2000); Australian Design Group; Harry Rowland
Contents:2 large (A1) full colour maps of the World (1168 x 820mm);
6 full colour countersheets (576 x 5/8" and 300 x 1/2" counters);
110 full colour cards; and
32 A4 page Rules and Players' Guide.
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