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Oltremare - Merchants of Venice

Year:Essen 2004Picture of 'Oltremare - Merchants of Venice'
Designer:Emanuele Ornella
Art:Roberto Bovo
Publisher name:Mind the Move
Status:In print
Price:EUR 12.00
No. of players:2-5
Age:10 years and up
Duration:1 hour
German reviews:DSSP, GoodGameGuide, H@LL9000, ReichDerSpiele, SpielMitMir, Spielphase, WestparkGamers
English reviews:EMS, Faidutti, Gamepack
French reviews:Faidutti
Successors:Oltre Mare (2005); Amigo; Emanuele Ornella
Press info:Oltremare-Merchants of Venice is a new game from Mind The Move. It will be presented in a limited and numbered edition at Essen Spiel 04.

Are you the Best Merchant of Venice?
Try yourself and sail along the courses of ancient Venetians, Oltremare, in unknow lands af Barbaria. Look for the most precious wares and the richest stocks...Exchange goods with other merchants, load your ship and sell everything at stock market...but before all try to escape Pirates and robbers, with cleverness or strenght..Oltremare is a charming voyage through time, following ancient merchant's footsteps.

Each player is a Venetian merchant sailing along the Mediterranean sea. Everyone tryes to increase both his own wealth and prestige to become the Best Merchant of Venice. On his turn the player can to play some cards from the hand in order to perform some actions. Actions allow you to gain Ducati (the currency of Venice), to draw cards or to move your ship on the map (where you can collect bonus). There is also a pirate action that is really a bad one! Cards also represent Goods (corn, wine, spices, silk ...) that are loaded on the cargo of the ship. More cards of the same Good you group, more Ducati you will gain at the end of the game. The cards you are playing will also influence your next turn, so choose very well your strategy!

Because of you are a merchant you can trade Goods for other Goods or for Ducati points.
If you want to win you have to be a wise merchant in your trades, you have to choose your right cards to perform the best actions (in accord to your active bonus) and you have to achive the greater cargo on your ship!
Contents:110 cards
1 map board
32 harbour bonus markers
10 ship wooden counter
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