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Year:Essen 2004Picture of 'Neuland'
Designer:Peter Eggert
Tobias Stapelfeld
Art:Steffi Krage
Nina Mende
Publisher name:eggertspiele
Status:In print
Price:EUR 44.00
No. of players:2-4
Age:14 years and up
Duration:1 hour to 2 hours
German reviews:DHK, Gelegenheitsspieler, Ratgeberspiel, ReichDerSpiele
English reviews:WestparkGamers
Homepages:Homepage (EN)
Online shop:ORDER (DE)
Successors:Neuland (2008); eggertspiele; Tobias Stapelfeldt Peter Eggert
Press info:Life is peaceful in Neuland.

Together 2 to 4 players are building a new civilization. But in secret each player wants the fame for himself.

Time is the key to Neuland: Doing less means having more turns, but can also mean coming to late.

At the beginning only hunters and lumberjacks inhabit the woods of Neuland, but the wish for prosperity and progress inspired the work.

After a short while mines began to spread in the mountains to dig ore for the precious iron or silver. Farming and the art of weaving found their way to Neuland. But it will still last before finest cloth and sharpest sword will be delivered to the senate or best paper and clanging coins to the cathedrale ...

Neuland offers simple rules, but demands for complex solutions without concerning any luck. Everything is controlled by producing goods, so new buildings can be built, where new goods or the desired progresses are produced.

In the end it will be decided. There you will discover the most precious progresses Neuland will ever have.
Picture of 'Neuland'
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