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Year:Essen 2004Picture of 'Peacebowl'
Designer:Angelo Porazzi
Art:Angelo Porazzi
Publisher name:Angelo Porazzi Games
Status:In print
Price:EUR 20.00
No. of players:2-4
Age:6 years and up
Duration:4 minutes
German reviews:H@LL9000
English reviews:BoardGameGeek, BoardGameGeek, BoardGameGeek, EFUN
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Online shop:ORDER (EN)
Press info:PEACEBOWL is the latest game produced by Angelo. It has a crazy fantasyfootball theme in which four teams may play at the same time. The first edition of Peacebowl sold out in Italy. The new edition will be premiered at Essen Spiel '04 and will be come with German rules. On his official website you can see several photo reports of the many fairs where Angelo and his games were present. This is also from where Angelo can be contacted. Please note that he ships all his games worldwide thanks to a credit card service.
Contents:1 game board
408 warrior chits
21 wooden markers
36 action cards
Picture of 'Peacebowl'
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