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Robo Rally

Designer:Richard Garfield
Publisher name:Wizards of the Coast
Series:Robo Rally
No. of players:2-8
Age:10 years and up
Duration:2 hours and more
German reviews:DCLIQ, DD, DHK, DTN, GamesWePlay, JurySdJ, Spielphase
English reviews:E2P, EBG, EFUN, EFUN, ER, ER, REVIEW
Rules:RULES (DE)
Translations:Robo Rally (1999); Amigo; Richard Garfield
Successors:Robo Rally (2005); Avalon Hill; Richard Garfield
Contents:2 Kurzanleitungen
  6 Spielpläne
  84 Programmkarten
  26 Options-Karten
  8 Roboter
  8 virtuelle Roboter
  6 Flaggen
  32 Lebenspunkte
  61 Trefferplättchen
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