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Year:1997Picture of 'Creeper'
Designer:Graham Lipscomb
Publisher name:pin
Article number:02702
Series:The Games Collection
Number in series:2
Price:EUR 17.00
No. of players:2
Age:10 years and up
Duration:20 minutes and more
German reviews:Spielphase
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Translations:Creeper (1997); Out of the Box Publishing; Graham Lipscomb
Predecessors:Creeper (1995); Graham's Games; Graham Lipscomb
Included in:The Games Collection (Premier Quartet); pin; Maureen Hiron,Graham Lipscomb
Press info:The two players vie to be the first to form a continuous chain of their own shade from one corner of the board to the other. Pieces are placed on the board by judicious movement of marauding pawns. But take care - these can be captured - and your carefully laid path turned to the advantage of your opponent.
Contents:1 Spielbrett
16 Steckstifte
32 Scheiben
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