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Year:Essen 2003Picture of 'PitchCar'
Designer:Jean du PoŽl
Publisher name:Ferti
Price:EUR 50.00
No. of players:2-8
Age:7 years and up
Duration:½ hour and more
German reviews:SpielKult, Spieletest, Spielphase
English reviews:EFUN
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Predecessors:Carabande (1996); Goldsieber; Jean du PoŽl
Comment:This edition is not compatible with the original Goldsieber Carabande. There is a difference in the track thickness, and the jigsaw-like connections do not match either.
Contents:8 Spielfiguren
10 Kurven
6 Geraden
16 Banden
Picture of 'PitchCar'
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