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Year:2001Picture of 'Rüsselbande'
Designer:Alex Randolph
Publisher name:Drei Magier
Price:DM 37.50
Sub type:Children's game
No. of players:2-7
Age:4 years and up
Duration:¼ hour to 25 minutes
Awards:Spiel des Jahres: Nominierungsliste 'Kinderspiel' (Nominees for Children's Game of the Year) (2001)
German reviews:DB, DCS, DSSP, DTN, DTN, JurySdJ, Pöppelkiste, ReichDerSpiele, Spieletest, Spielphase, Topolino
English reviews:Faidutti
French reviews:Faidutti
Contents:8 Spielplanteile
7 Figuren
7 Chips
1 Spezialwürfel
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