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Designer:Chris Lawson
Mark Derrick
Publisher name:Xris Lawson
Main theme:train
No. of players:3-5
Duration:3 to 6 hours
English reviews:EFUN
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Comment:maintheme: Railway majortheme: Southern USA
Contents:1 Map
1 Stock Market
1 Rulesheet describing the differences between 1830 and 1851
9 A4 component sheets
7 A% component sheets
15 A4 sheets of game money
1 Tile Manifest and Upgrade Chart
2 A4 sheets of play aids and tile manifest
10 small ziplock bags
1 large ziplock bag
59 round labels, 13 mm diameter, adhesive
37 0.5" square, white cardboard counters
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