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Designer:Jim Deacove
Publisher name:Family Pastimes
Price:US$ 14.95
Sub type:Children's game
No. of players:1-12
Age:5 years and up
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Comment:maintheme: cooperative game
Press info:A winter storm hits Little City. Granny & Grandpa, Uncle & Aunt, Mom & Dad and our Best Friend's Family have things to do, places to go, errands to run. Our job is to help them out. We drive the Cars, get to the Places on their lists, and try return safely home. Deep snow? Bad ice? We decide when & where to do some plowing or spreading of sand. The weather keeps changing, so we have to be alert! Each game is a different, exciting challenge. Skills of communication, decision making & creative thinking are nurtured. Don't get stuck on Fifth Avenue, Dad!
Contents:Board 12 x 12 inches
Weather Reports
Snow & Ice
Service Trucks
Last modified:10.01.07

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