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Designer:Jim Deacove
Publisher name:Family Pastimes
Price:US$ 14.95
Sub type:Children's game
No. of players:1-8
Age:4 years and up
German reviews:SpieleCheck
English reviews:EFUN
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Comment:maintheme: cooperative game
Press info:We must help get the little Creatures safely home before Max, the Tomcat, catches them. In an exciting way, children learn logic, consultation & decision making. An important issue to discuss is also raised: we don't like Max catching those Little Ones, yet we recognize that he is a natural hunter. How do we resolve this in our minds & hearts? Let's talk it over.
Contents:Board 12 x 12 inches
2 Special Dice
4 Movers
4 Cat Treats
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