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Granny's House

Designer:Jim Deacove
Publisher name:Family Pastimes
Price:US$ 14.95
Sub type:Children's game
No. of players:1-6
Age:4 years and up
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Comment:maintheme: cooperative game
Press info:An adventure game designed to encourage thought and imagination in young children. On our journey to Granny's we go through Dark Woods, cross a Stream, be very careful passing a Sleepy Bear, etc. We decide what to bring along. Maybe our Dog will help us. Maybe a basket of Food. Perhaps some Sticks & a Rope. Players will have to use these items to invent how they would deal with whatever Obstacle they meet.

Best Children's Game - Parenting Magazine
Contents:Board 12 x 12 inches
Team Mover
Good Things Tokens
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