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Year:Nürnberg 2001
Designer:Reiner Knizia
Publisher name:Rio Grande Games
Price:DM 49.95
No. of players:3-5
Age:10 years and up
Duration:1 hour
German reviews:DCS, DHK, H@LL9000, Pöppelkiste
English reviews:E2P, EFUN, G@mebox
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Rules:EL (EN)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Translations:Africa (2001); Goldsieber; Reiner Knizia
Contents:1 board depicting 19th century Africa. (96 hexagon Discovery spaces +5 cities).
96 circular Discovery markers showing animals, nomads, goods and minerals.
20 blue pyramid Base camps.
1 "+3" Bonus marker for 'last Monument' points
10 Researchers, two in each of five colours.
5 Help cards, 1 for each player.
5 "50" markers. (ship logo on reverse)
1 A4 Board picture and Rules.
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