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Employee of the Month

Jahr:Essen 2004Bild von 'Employee of the Month'
Autor/in:Alan R. Moon
Aaron Weissblum
Verlag:Dancing Eggplant Games
Preis:EUR 18.00
Anzahl Spieler:3-6
Altersgruppe:ab 8 Jahre
Spieldauer:20 Minuten bis ½ Stunde
Deutsche Rezensionen:GoodGameGuide, H@LL9000, SpielMitMir, Spielphase
Homepages:Homepage (EN)
Pressetext:Employee of the Month - a coveted position in any company. With the title comes a prime parking space, a fashionable plaque for the office, and most importantly, extra dough! Some may think that becoming Employee of the Month is out of their reach, that random forces in the universe determine who that lucky Employee will be - but they're wrong. Anyone can become the Employee of the Month - will it be you?

So what's the secret? Simple - you must become popular with both Management and fellow co-workers. It's all karma; if you do something nice for someone, invisible brownie points and kudos stack up in your favor, but be careful! Management and coworkers are very different beasts. What pleases your boss may make your coworkers suspicious, so in order to please both, you can't go overboard.

This fun-filled game comes from Alan R. Moon and Aaron Weissblum, the award-winning designers of "New England", "King's Breakfast", "San Marco" and other excellent titles. The humorous theme complements a solid bidding game where balance is key.

Employee of the Month comes with 110 full color cards in a sturdy, two-piece box with insert and rules in English, French, and German.
Material:40 Gefälligkeitskarten
32 Mißtrauenskarten
32 Punktekarten
1 Karte "Erstgebot"
Letzte Änderung:11.01.07

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