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Chez Dork

Autor/in:Steve Jackson (US)
Verlag:Steve Jackson Games
Preis:US$ 24.95
Anzahl Spieler:-6
Spieldauer:½ Stunde
Englische Rezensionen:EFUN
Informationen:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Bezugsquellen:EFUN (EN)
Kommentar:Thema: John Kovalics DORK TOWER
Pressetext:Welcome to Chez Dork! In this stand-alone card game, you and your friends (up to 6 people) enter the world of John Kovalic's DORK TOWER. Matt, Igor, Carson, and their friends compete to feed their fannish obsessions and collect the games, cards, and other geeky treasures they can't live without. The object of Chez Dork is to get more Stuff, faster, than all your friends. But your particular Obsessions determine what you think is neat at any given time. And a gamer's obsessions can change . . .
Letzte Änderung:10.01.07

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