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Jahr:2000Bild von 'Warangel'
Autor/in:Angelo Porazzi
Grafik:Angelo Porazzi
Verlag:Angelo Porazzi Games
Preis:EUR 35.00
Anzahl Spieler:2-4
Englische Rezensionen:BoardGameGeek, BoardGameGeek, BoardGameGeek, E2P, EZ
Informationen:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Bezugsquellen:ORDER (EN)
Ähnliche Spiele:Warbeast (1998); Edicarton; Angelo Porazzi
Kommentar:- Best Italian Boardgame at Ludex 2000 Bologna
- Best of Show at LuccaGames 2000 as BEST ITALIAN GAME
- Best Fantasy Wargame at MilanoGames 2000
- Best Selfproduced Game at AcquiComics 2001

English rulebook and reference sheets printed in english in full color included.
Pressetext:Warangel is a fantasy wargame that was voted 'Best Italian Game' at LuccaGames 2000.

The game comes with hex-based maps that can be linked, and ninety different warrior races which come on wooden counters. It has acquired a reputation that stretches way beyond the borders of Italy. The variety of different races and maps, each one representing a sector of Old Earth, are really appreciated by gamers for the way they enhance the replay value of Warangel.

Each single race has an own, specific territory available on request.
Material:10 reference sheets, one for each race of 1st Generation.
10 armies with pre-cut counters of 1st Generation's 10 races
10 armies with pre-cut counters of Warbeast (4th Generation), as a bonus
1 rulebook 2000 that includes all adaptations for next generations.
2 territories laminated and linkable with the others, to start with your first battles.
Each single race has an own, specific territory available on request.
Bild von 'Warangel'
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